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ANVAL is...

Anval is a fertilizer consist in a minerals suspension on a liquid matrix that brings the main mesoelements (Ca, Mg and S) and microelements (Fe, Cu, B, Mo, Mn and Zn) to the plant.

Anval gives to your crops….

ANVAL micro and mesoelements lead to an increase in photosynthetic efficiency which leads to greater biomass production (namely higher production).

ANVAL mineral component effectively brings ready-to-use nutrients to the plant without reducing the LI (light interception), that improves vegetative growth.

ANVAL allows to maintain the crops’ balance between vegetation and production takes the plant to favor the synthesis of secondary metabolites which are often fundamental in the products quality.

ANVAL prevents any type of deficiency related to secondary elements for plant nutrition: exactly thanks to these, it improves the macroelements usage efficiency reducing waste.

ANVAL helps to ensure better plant health. The mineral component reduces the humidity on the leaf surface and on the shoots, reducing the favorable conditions for the pathogen development. In addition, the mineral component mechanically hinders the mouthparts of the main phytophagous.

ANVAL brings elements to the plant that are generally not very present or that are unavailable in the soil, but are fundamental to roots’ growth. It is precisely the roots that, thanks to ANVAL, have no more limitations in deep exploration for the water and macroelements (N, P, K) supply.

ANVAL gives to the plant a fundamental balance and tonicity that allows it to increase and improve its natural responses to adversity and, consequently, to reduce losses. The first defense method to adopt is to keep your crops in fitness.